Maria Dale

Creamy Caramel Flan Recipe Using Condensed Milk

Caramel Flan Recipe

This delicious caramel flan recipe makes a delightful dessert that matches just about any meal.  There’s many ways you can creatively touch up this simple recipe, by adding all sorts of fancy garnishes and extra treats to enhance the flavor. You can add garnishes of white or milk chocolate, or top it off with fresh … Read more

The Best Southern Pecan Pie Recipe You Will Ever Love!

Southern Pecan Pie Recipe

I became a self-taught baker at age 9 with this Southern Pecan Pie recipe.  I basically learned how to make pecan pie following a recipe that my nanny shared with me. When making pecan pies, I always strive to use fresh pecans over the rather tasteless store-bought bagged pecans halves. Since I do live in … Read more

Print Your Own Cookbook Following These Simple Instructions

Print Your Own Cookbook

Now you too can print your own cookbook that is customized to meet your own, unique and individual needs!  Every recipe here at Chefts provides 2 printable versions that you are free to print for your pleasure and enjoyment. Each recipe provides a printable PDF file that you can print and place in your Chefts … Read more

These Instructions Show How Easy It Is To Make Herbs de Provence Using Ingredients That Are Easy To Find

This blend of herbs makes an amazingly great tasting Herbs de Provence that can be used to season many types of dishes.  This blend is suitable for chicken, vegetables, fish, salads and much more.  You can also add this special blend of herbs to oils and vinegar’s to make marinades that will taste magnificently amazing! … Read more