Print Your Own Cookbook Following These Simple Instructions

Now you too can print your own cookbook that is customized to meet your own, unique and individual needs!  Every recipe here at Chefts provides 2 printable versions that you are free to print for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Each recipe provides a printable PDF file that you can print and place in your Chefts Customized Cookbook.  This option is fabulous for you to choose when you are desiring to make a cookbook of your favorite recipes.

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Print Your Own Cookbook Instructions

To access the PDF printable file, simply click on the Recipe Page image (as seen in the image to the left) that is provided on every recipe page.

You can download the file and save it to your computer, or you can print it direct from your web browser.

Once you have printed the recipe, you will want to place it in a protective sleeve.  This protective sleeve will protect your printed recipe from unsightly spills are other mishaps.

You could also laminate the page, and then punch holes to fit it into your 3-ring binder, the choice is up to you.

Each recipe also provides the basic printable version.  This version provides a means where you can change the number of servings and print the adjusted recipe.  This option is perfect for when you are choosing to create a planner for your next event.

If you are preparing a planner for an event, then a padfolio binder is perfect for your needs.  The padfolio provides plenty of room for your recipes, menu, itinerary and other event related information.

Preparing The Binder

Click here to download the Chefts Custom Cookbook printable cover.  This cover can be placed inside the view area of your 3-ring binder, for a more pleasing presentation.

We will be adding more goodies for your customized cookbooks in the future, so be sure to check back often to see what new additions have been added!  We have plans to provide many different cover designs, cookbook tabs and other fabulous printables.

If you would like to receive notifications when a new printable is added, please take a moment and click here to join the Chefts Cooking Community!  We’d love to have you join with as as we work towards providing healthy, tasteful recipes for all to enjoy!


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