The Gin Gimlet is a cocktail that pairs well fish and seafood.  The lime enhances the flavor of any shellfish that has been flavored with lemon.  A truly tasty dinner to server the gimlet with,  would be a tasty smoked salmon dish with a crisp fresh salad. The Gin GimletContinue Reading

The White Russian drink is a tasty beverage that is typically enjoyed with snacks, after an event.   It’s not something you would wish to server with a meal, but does make a tasty drink that can be enjoyed with most desserts, especially with chocolate based desserts. The White Russian drinkContinue Reading

This smoked salmon starters recipe is very quick and easy to make.  It makes a delightful treat that can be served as an appetizer, or as a side with salad.  If you are serving a dinner of multiple courses, then this serves as an excellent starter for the first course.Continue Reading

This tasty morsel provides a fabulous feta cheese flavor that will have your guests anxiously awaiting the courses that are soon to follow.  This amuse bouche recipe is a perfect items to serve at the beginning of any event, it pairs well with a crisp dry white wine. This tastyContinue Reading

Fig With Goat Cheese Appetizer

This fig with goat cheese appetizer recipe is a perfect delicacy to serve at weddings and other gatherings that have a crisp atmosphere of summer or spring.  The lemon zest, red wine and honey combination provides a tantalizing flavor that enhances the juicy sweetness of the figs. Preparing The FigContinue Reading