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Community Rules & Guidelines

We have not set forth very complex guidelines because we feel that we are all adults here, and as such, we should all know how to conduct ourselves accordingly.

But, to keep things clean and understood, here's the basics.  As per our community standards, these rules are subject to change if we see a need for that.

  1. This is a cooking website, so topics should pertain to cooking, food and products that are used when preparing food.
  2. No hate, racism, illegal or unpleasant conversations will be tolerated.
  3. No advertising.
  4. No political or religious topics.
  5. Keep all topics rated G, children are not allowed to join the community, as one has to be 13 or older.  But as we all know with the world wide web, things can be seen and read by anyone if it's a public forum.  So please keep your conversations clean.
  6. Be kind to one another.

That's it, basically, keep it clean, keep it friendly!

I would like to add a bit more about rule number 4.  This is a cooking website, so political and religious topics are not suitable for here.  We all have our own views when it comes to political and religious topics, and sometimes others may find our personal views offensive.

Since eating is a topic that we ALL ENJOY greatly, we should stick to this wonderful topic only and share fabulous information that we can all enjoy together in harmony!  Take the political and religious topics to your favorite Facebook groups, and leave them out of these forums please 🙂